Our Programs



Up to $250,000 for qualifying startups and SMEs.


Strategy Consulting


Meet with one of our advisors to get feedback on your business plan.




Eastern Ontario Development Program: Non-repayable performance-based funding up to $100,000 for business development or community innovation.




Our Gaming and Entrepreneurship Lab offers world class U/X testing.




Compete for a $100,000 investment deal in our annual N100 Startup Competition.




Ontario Self-Employment Benefit Program: Find out if you’re eligible for entrepreneurial training and support to launch your own business.


Our Vision: Community Futures

Prosperity in Northumberland (and across Eastern Ontario) through innovation and entrepreneurship.

How do we get there?

By providing financing and strategy for entrepreneurs.

Who do we work with?

Growth-oriented SMEs, next generation startups and twenty-first century institutions who are creating local economic opportunities and high quality jobs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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October 27, 2014:
We joined Braden Kemp (Spark Centre) and Matt (CEO Squabble Studios) to hear pitches from student developers at UOIT. We will also join Professor Kamiel Gabriel’s classes at UOIT on November 10th, 2014, to talk to engineering students about innovation and entrepreneurship. See you on campus!

October 25, 2014:
Our new website is live! Let us know what you think.

October 17, 2014:
Winner of #N100 2013 is out of beta and launching Ubi: the new voice of the internet. Read about it in MIT Tech Review.

Key Program Contacts

Wendy Curtis
Executive Director
NBDA Corp.
905-372-8315 x227
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Susan Latta
Business Manager
905-372-8315 x223
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John Hayden
905-372-8315 x224
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Mark Klintworth
Business Development Officer
905-372-8315 x245
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Thomas Coughlan
Business Development Officer
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Kelly McDowell
Enterprise Development
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