solar-raw-food“I am very pleased to have received funding from the Eastern Ontario Development Program through the Northumberland CFDC.

The friendly staff from the NCFDC made a site visit to explain the program guide me through the process. This hands on approach was truly appreciated and was far more user friendly than I anticipated. Consequently, I was able to expedite my business expansion by a whole year!

Doubling our production capacity alleviated back orders to our customers and allowed for the addition of six new full time employment positions which shows the program is a very effective boost to advance businesses and job creation in rural Ontario.”

Adrian Quinn

Solar Raw Food

“The Northumberland CFDC assisted Millard in developing a new design that would allow us to remain competitive in the global market. Their involvement in re-evaluating our product and its competitive advantages was critical to the success of the project.

Within the first year of completing the project, our new design can be found in airports around the world, most of which are new markets.”

Bryan MacKinnon

Millard Towers Ltd.

Team-Eagle“Team Eagle Ltd. is an Ontario based corporation and one of North America’s leading suppliers of specialized airfield equipment and software solutions including aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicles, snow and ice control equipment, turf and pavement maintenance as well as an entire suite of airfield-specific navigation, tracking and inspection software systems. Team Eagle began operations in 2000 with just 8 staff and has grown exponentially to now employing over 50 full-time employees across North America with offices in Campbellford, ON, Tilton, NH and Pacific, WA. A significant part of Team Eagle’s success has come from our innovative product ideas and research and development efforts over our company lifespan. The company currently spends close to $1 million annually in R&D efforts and now holds 10 patents as a result of these innovative efforts. The company’s management believes that its future growth and success will be directly attributed to the R&D efforts that have been made to date and on-going. Funding all of this innovative work is always a challenge. There is always a significant time lapse between the conceiving of an idea, cultivating that into a commercial product, and then successfully selling the first product to begin repaying on this investment. Working with an organization such as Northumberland CFDC has been extremely valuable for Team Eagle in terms of providing funding that allows us to reach our goals more quickly. By alleviating some of the requirement to self-fund the R&D efforts, we can actually innovate more quickly and bring products to market more efficiently, all of which we expect will lead to quicker growth and further employment for our company and staff. We believe that this is a great example of a win win relationship for government and private enterprise working together with aligned goals and objectives.”

Trevor Winn

Team Eagle Ltd.